Musings from Under a Pile of Books

My priest requested that I consider undertaking the running of an adult sunday school section.  This has been a rather hit and miss ministry in recent years in our parish so I think he wants a fresh take on the project.  Based on his request I received a pile of books from his office library and commenced to reading.  Well skimming…followed by yawning…followed by a bit of googling for study guides?

I was kind of stunned.   I love reading, so why weren’t these gelling with me?

The books are all interesting topics, but they weren’t interactive.  They were passive, trying to pour out knowledge on topics which, yes we might reflect upon them, required no participation on our part rather than presence.  And that is not how I read scripture.  To me scripture is a living breathing thing with which I interact.

So how to tackle this dilemna?  Do I write my own study guide?  Do I look for different books which invite more interaction with our personal journeys?

In my undergrad days, one of my favorite activities was directed reading which typically followed a format of questions to connect to students progressing into questions which connect to reading.  Then a purpose for reading, Then questions about the purpose moving to questions which connect that purpose back to us.  I think if I had more time I could develop that for these books.  But I also think that between now and the fall sunday school start I don’t have that kind of time.

Another option is to start a bit easier, both for myself and the intended students with something less heavy and work our way up to these meaty books.  I’ve sent these thoughts off to my priest for comment.  For now, back to reading.  If I’m not out in a week, say a quick prayer for me, will you?


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