I have emerged stronger and more provocative.

Cover of The Provocative Church, 4th Ed, Graham Tomlin

The Provocative Church, 4th Ed, Graham Tomlin will be the first in the newly re-envisioned adult study series at St. John’s.

As mentioned previously I’ve been reading, a lot.

The assignments have been:

1-reread Many Servants.  This book was assigned to my discernment committee.  I read it late last winter, so I’ve been revisiting it in order to have the topics fresh as this group meets.

2- read Christian Proficiency. This book was assigned by Bishop Martins as a way to become more clearly able to communicate as I work through the discernment process.

3- read several books recommended by Fr. Swan in order to determine a course of study and take over the leadership of Adult Sunday School beginning in August 23rd.  In the end I didn’t love any of them, so I punted and went to my social media and prayer circles for advice.  I happened upon this book, The Provocative Church, when I was searching for one of the titles they had suggested.  The book is put out by Forward Movement.  I like the book on many fronts.  First it speaks to me in a similar manner to how I felt listening to PB-Elect’s sermon at the end of the general convention, which I hear Fr. Schenck has dubbed the #EpiscoGo movement.  If you haven’t seen the sermon it’s below.  The book is as its title suggest provocative.  It challenges us on many of our basic episcopal assumptions about ourselves and pushes us towards some promising goals.  I hope that it is well received.  This era of the church seems sure to be exciting as we grow together and go together into the world in peace to love and serve one another.

Click here to watch PB-Elect Curry’s sermon:http://fast.wistia.net/embed/iframe/q8mmopf6zu?canonicalUrl=https%3A%2F%2Fepiscopalchurch.wistia.com%2Fmedias%2Fq8mmopf6zu&canonicalTitle=Presiding%20Bishop%20Elect%20Michael%20Curry%20Closing%20Eucharist%20-%20EpiscopalChurch



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