Finding my voice.

I have been holding back.  Apparently I was still lacking faith, because I somehow got sideways of Jesus and myself in these past few months. I have realized that I’ve been feeling inexpert and indeed I am at many things theological.  But today, today is not the day I have to be a theologian.  Right now I have to make it through discernment, and in this I am the expert.  I am the only expert in exactly what God is doing in my life.  So when I hold back in the tide of thoughts about my discernment I really am doing myself and the committee a disservice.  That little epiphany has rather changed my thoughts and revitalized my connection with the Holy Spirit.

I’ve been talking more in the past few days, taking actions, being the person I have always been but with a newer supercharged voice which seems to have some weight.  It feels much better.  It’s nice to have found my voice.


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