Confirmed a Kid :)

One of the developments as I went through this discernment process was that my son, 16, decided to become confirmed.  Our priest held a series of classes on Saturday mornings with my son, an adult confirmand, his mother and myself.  He took an interesting approach.  He basically toured the books of the bible, and then took a tour of the book of common prayer with instruction to read the catechism at the back of the 1979 version daily or as often as possible.

I found it interesting, both that my kid wanted this, and that he stuck with it.  Its a bit of a far cry from his usual haunt and demeanor, so I asked him.  My son explained to me that as an adopted kid from foster care, no matter how much we love him there is always a sense of not knowing where he belongs in the world.  There is also a feeling of lack of control, in that you belong to people, because someone else selected them for you.  This decision, was his.  This confirmation made these people his.  It’s something that God offered him, no one could do for him, and no one can take from him.

So to those who wonder why confirmation matters, why formality and ceremony matter, I am humbled to have witnessed the process with this young man.


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