What I’m not saying…

What’s going on?  You don’t write, you don’t call.

One of the particulars of those seeking holy orders is that some situations require discretion. In light of that blogging can be a challenge.  There’s probably a lesson in that.  In my diocese the Bishop is not a fan of Deacons giving the homily, but in my Parish it seems my Priest thinks it will be at least an occasional part of my ministry, I imagine this blogging dilemma will not be the last time I feel tongue tied by the need for discretion.

The good side about not being able to talk is that I spend a good deal of time thinking and listening.  God and I in particular have been talking quite a bit.  Prayer takes on a different quality when it becomes your mode of life.  What I do is a prayer, what I eat is a prayer, what I think is a prayer…you get the idea.  I was literally created to be in communion with a creator who provided everything down to the atom and molecule.  My silence has encouraged me to pay greater notice and homage to that.

I’ve also begun visiting people.  They aren’t pastoral, because I’m not a pastor.  However they are spiritual.  I find myself engaging in ever deeper conversations with people whom I’ve known in passing in the past.  It has become much more.  I’m learning about their histories, their needs, their wants and their strengths.  It can be quite a humbling exercise to meet people in all of their glorious humanness.

That’s another thing I’ve been doing.  I’ve been celebrating humanity.  It’s something we tend to not do enough of, and prompted by a writing of Graham Tomlin, I’ve been reconsidering my take on it. For example, in the past I might have said, by way of excuse for an error, “I’m only human.”  [Cue Christina Perri video] But taking that apart I’ve seen that God created humanity in His image, and He is awesome.  So that means by proxy that being more human is being more godly.  Human is something more, not something less.  It’s a cause not an excuse.  In those experiences where error occurs, it it more proper to think, “I’m not human enough.”  Or, “I missed the human opportunity.”  Because being human is amazing, it’s not something “only” it something sacred.  It might irk the “Humanists” that I know to realize that humanity is sacred, but not in the way they mean it.  It’s not individual, it’s part of how God created us.  Being in His image means that they best piece of us it when we are being more like him.  So when they think that their humanity is to be celebrated, they’re right, even though wrong as to the cause. So I’m not saying “Only human” anymore.

Blessings to all.




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