10 Lenses For Bible Study – Parts 1-4

One of the most fun parts of my discernment process has been teaching adult Sunday School.  This small group setting has been growing and I really feel the presence of God as we learn from one another. I let the class tell me what they wanted in a class.  Tastes and preferences varied, but a few items rose to the top.

  1. They like a short task during the week, not just coming into it cold on Sunday.
  2. They are partly digital people, but they also like paper copies.
  3. They want to feel like they won’t be lost completely if they miss a week.
  4. They are interested in learning about the Bible and about our church doctrine.

So I set out to explore my options and in the end decided that I needed to adapt something rather than follow a book.  This series is not my own, although I added to it liberally.  To see the original series which was a podcast/online discussion board visit 10 Lenses Online Bible Study from St. Stephen’s Cohasset.  Typos are completely my own. The format was adapted for the current Lectionary days relative to when the class will be doing them although I’m not sure that is strictly necessary.  I chose not to publish out the in class discussion points, because we tend not to follow them too rigidly anyway.  So I didn’t want anyone to show up expecting one discussion and getting a very different one.  If someone wants them drop me a line.

Feel free to click the links and join in the PDF readings or adapt them for your own use.





Lens #1 – Translations  Year B Proper 27

     Lens #2 – Layout Year B Proper 28

Lens #3 – Passages and Pericope Year B Proper 29

Lens #4 – Library of Books Year C 2nd Sunday of Advent


Follow up>>next 3 lenses


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