Forward Movement Fan Girl

51mpbucfdcl-_ac_ul320_sr214320_So if you are Episcopalian, you have probably heard of Forward Movement or at least their publication of daily meditations called Forward Day-by-Day.

In the past couple of years I’ve hit social media to connect up a bit with the team that puts this work together.  My parish’s Eucharistic community participated in Renewal Works as well.  I am a huge fan of Lent Madness.  As in totally a geek about saints and this fun study.

OK, so I’m a fan, a huge fan, and it’s hit me this weekend why.

How many times have I been in a group of the faithful with somber undertones and felt a certain amount of resistance and drudgery to it all?  I know that we all get busy and sometimes we have to push ourselves to do what is needed.  But it shouldn’t be drudgery.

lm_widget_vOur faith is about HOPE!  JOY!  EXCITEMENT!  And Forward Movement and its staff totally get it.  I don’t mean to say they’re perfect, ’cause no human is, but they get that it’s not supposed to be a painful chore to love our God.  It’s ok to have an advent calendar that’s a cartoon you can color in, supporting both serious reflection and fun interactions.  It’s ok to compare the saints and wonder at who would win if the two were to do battle. The FM staff’s exuberance is infectious.

So thanks for all you do staff at FM.

-A Fan


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