Direction Finding – Part 2

The process of finding a spiritual director which I mentioned in Direction Finding has in the Holy Spirit’s usual way pointed out the folly of my own worries.

I called the gentleman in question on the earlier post, hoping to bridge the subject, but not quite daring.  Instead I had another purpose for the call, and hope to work up my nerve to broach the topic.  I had all but given up.  I just couldn’t say the words.

So, my jaw nearly dropped to the floor when he mentioned that he was in the car returning from having driven down to see his own spiritual director and confessor!  He talked about the trip and how he felt it was needed and helpful.

Now I hear my cynical self mumbling about coincidences.  I mean I know correlation doesn’t equal causation, yada yada.

So we’ve spoken about the prospect and he in turn started to recommend that I read the book Christian Proficiency by Martin Thornton.  The same book which I mentioned my post Vocabulary Lessons.

It would seem that we have been on a path towards each other for some months. My dear God when will I learn not to worry and to just trust in you 🙂

We’ll meet for coffee and a prayerful conversation next week.  (What else would two Episcopalians drawn together by God do?)


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