10 Lenses for Bible Study – Lens 8-10


This has been a really productive study for us, and one of the highlights for me were the insights brought out from practising the Lectio Divina technique as a class. A warm thank you goes to Rev. Adam Thomas of St. Stephen’s – Cohasset, Ma -for his original version from which this study was adapted.

I hope you enjoy these last 3 lessons.

Lens #8 – Lectio Divina and Progressive Reading

Lens #9 – Oral Interpretation and Lens #10 – Relevance

Beginning the last week of Epiphany through April 17, we will be doing a study of the concept of Christian Witness based on the Gospel According to Luke.

Our Lenten Wednesday night Soup and Supper will focus on a study of the Book of Common Prayer. We will follow that up with monthly Soup and Scripture evenings and it looks like the topic is going to be Proverbs.

If you are in the area and interested in dropping by St. John’s Decatur, IL Welcomes You!





Lens 1-4

Lens 5-7


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