Instruction and calling

Sometimes, I feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the instructions Jesus left us.  Loving one another, even when we’re committed to it, is a huge task. There are after all 7 billion or so of us to love.  So I admit that when I hear of needs there is sometimes a bit of melancholy – both at wanting to be there and being unable to be all things, and at sometimes humanly not even wanting to try.

Today, I’m sitting in a hospital waiting room. My son is having arthroscopic surgery on his injured knee. It’s hard to focus on much else.  In the waiting room, I encountered some old friends. They are here with a member of their church.  I had a moment and then I realized something I rarely realize – God’s instructions are for all of us. As much as I feel personally called, I am not alone in service. God’s instructions are not my personal instructions to deal with. I am but 1 simple piece of a much larger team.  That’s incredible and humbling to think.

So, it’s OK today to be here praying for my son and his caregivers. And it’s OK for my friends to be here for their friend.  We don’t all need to do it all, because He gave us the gift of each other to share in this life.




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