Today, I met the group known as the COM, or Commission on Ministry. I was surrounded by mostly familiar faces, my Spiritual Director, a woman from the Sunday School class I teach, the grandfather of my future goddaughter, a Deacon whom I’d previously discussed the prospect with.  There were of course others with whom I was less acquainted.

I believe I comported myself well, but moreover I was distinctly lacking in concern. As faith bears out, then I am on a path and follow where led.  My life has been forever changed this last year. I am who I am now in His service, and I find that diakonia with or without orders is where He wishes me. I await the decision of the COM, which will come in the form of a call from the Bishop.

Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done. We say it in every office, but today those words hold new meaning for me. Peace and contentment.



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