Postulancy somehow manages to be a small moment today.

Hello friends,
The events of the last day:

-Attended my first Board Meeting in the big chair.
-Fell hard over sidewalk, grass embankment and curb while losing my shoes, glasses and bag ending up bruised and flattened on my back in a paring lot.
-Husband was admitted to the hospital for testing due to chest pain and his existing status as a heart patient (5 bypasses 9 scents, but that is another blog post).
-Got kids to school, returned to hospital.
-Went to a breakfast meeting for new job, excited staff.
-Returned to hospital to accompany Tom to stress test. Nuclear test, they don’t want him exercising.
-Received a letter from the Bishop that I have been accepted as a Postulant.
-Sat through testing with husband awaiting the next phase of his cardiac treatment. PVC’s are the only diagnostic evidence and his pain when he was resting suggesting unstable angina. No plan yet.
-Spoke with my priest about licenses he wants to start training me on.
-RSVPed to the Mass of Chrism, with my husband.
-Taught an organic chemistry lab, cheese-making.
-Caught up with Kids. Grandma made sloppy joes – family favorite.
-Saw myself on the news announcement about the new job.
-Returned to Tom’s bedside. 7-10 PVC’s per minute. No other findings, but then the doctor can’t find his echo or stress test results. His bloodsugar has spiked.

To call this surreal would be an understatement.  Ups coupled with downs.  Today I need the compline prayer.

The Lord Almighty grant us a peaceful night and a perfect end. Amen.



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