Lessons in opposites.

One of the first things that has happened because of the postulant status is that Fr. Swan decided to have me licensed as a lay Eucharistic Visitor and lay worship leader. Eucharistic Visitors take communion to shut ins, whereas worship leaders lead the daily office. 

How many opposites must be embraced?
1) the first training for a future in ordained ministry is lay ministry. This contrast is not lost on me.

2) the two trainings have me taking Eucharist to people in the community, while it is not (and rarely likely to be post-ordination) my role to do Eucharist at the sanctuary. That is reserved for priests and bishops. (Insider baseball – Deacons can do a preconsecrated host service, but our bishop prefers this not be a regular practice.)

This process and it’s opposing nature’s continue to fascinate me.


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