Newness of thought on the Holy Spirit

I haven’t blogged for a bit. I’d found myself wanting to, and yet so often realizing that the things on my mind were not things I wanted “on the record.”

They were frustrations, irritations, times I let myself overthink. And I’d start to write about them, and then stop. That was the Holy Spirit interceeding with his better nature I think.

I’ve spent a fair amount of time asking the Holy Spirit to get active in my life. Part of this was due to the novena celebrated by the Diocese of Springfield. The concept of a 9 day wave of prayer was new to me. Apparently it started as a call from the C of E and grew. I enjoyed learning both the form and super fun words like Parachlete. (The first encounter with this term had me wondering why I was praying to a small pet bird).

It also made me aware that I tend to ask for Jesus or the Father when I pray. I don’t tend to think of the Holy Spirit as a being I can chat with. That was surprising since I’ve been comfortable with a Triune God for as long as I can recall. Yet, here I was, 41, feeling strange talking to the Holy Spirit as a person. I mean, God in 3 persons has been a phrase I’ve uttered regularly, but it seems I thought of the HS as less persony in his personness.

So, HS and I have gotten chatty. Well I chat, he seems to listen. I think I can read his expressions, although he is sometimes inscrutable. The thing about a great discussion with him is that my thoughts change in subtle and new ways. They seem logical before, but after, the newness has a streaming efficiency that makes my earlier logic seem pale by comparison. HS also is sometimes silent. Not as if he doesn’t care, more like he trusts me to not need his input at every turn.

Most importantly, is that I’m starting to feel like I know this person, the way I’ve felt for years about Jesus. I’m glad to have encountered the person of HS.


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