Give the woman her due.

I do no support any candidate for president – so do not read into this.

I’m really annoyed by all of the posts about other women firsts in the attempt to break the glass ceiling that has been keeping women from the presidency.  Firsts often happen as a series of repetitive cracks in the glass, and then a final push that smashes it forever.

In the history of the presidency ‘s glass ceiling here are a few of the movements that should in no way denigrate Mrs. Clinton’s very real breakthrough:

1872 – Victoria Woodhall – Equal Rights Party
First ever female nominee by any party. No primaries were held by this party and the candidate herself could not vote. She appeared on a zero state ballots and received zero electoral college votes.

1884 – Belva Lockwood – First woman candidate on any state ballot (6 states)

1972 – Linda Jeness – appeared on 25 state ballots

1984 – Sonia Johnson and Gavrielle Holmes – First time two women made it to ballots in the same year (19 & 2 states respectively with no overlap)

1988 – Leonora Fulani – First woman to be on the ballot for a third party in all 50 states. A primary vote was not held in the majority of these states.

2016 – Hilary Clinton – First woman to be on the ballot for Predident in a major party based on primary voting in all 50 states.

You don’t have to be on anyone’s side to recognize an accomplishment. I also should mention the many women who are not listed who were either on some ballots of 3rd parties or as vice-presidential candidate.


Give the woman her due. Congratulations Mrs. Clinton.

Source: wikipedia
Image Source: Getty Images


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