First sermon jitters

Well God, I’m awfully glad you are in control. Because the anticipation of giving a homily is terrifying me.  Fr. Swan keeps mentioning “picking a Sunday.”. And each time I feel green to the gills.

Some self examination is due.  I am a regular public speaker  even impromptu.   I am on stage 6-10 times a year in rivulets characters in community theatre shows.  I have worn a fur bikini in front of an audience.  So why oh why am I so daunted by this task.  This regular task of ministers everywhere?

In all its recognition that I am inadequate to the task, and lack of acceptance that He is completely adequate. As my dear confessor tells me, I have control issues.

Last Sunday, I was speaking at a church in Paris, IL for work.  The lectionary was colossians 2. And Luke’s teach us to pray.  Both of which are about giving up control and trusting his plan. 

I wonder if I’ll battle this issue for the rest of my life.  Is it odd to hope so? I hope I’m always a bit daunted and awed by the idea of giving a homily.  If I give one where I’m not, perhaps I’ll retire.


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