No Stone unturned St. Stephen’s Day 

In Acts 6, we find Stephen. Called first and martyred first for the role of Deacon as a prophetic leader of the church in the world. 

When I was first discerning my own call to the Diaconate, I read this chapter often. I wondered whether I could really be called to a vocation where stoning was a literal possible outcome.  Now several years down this path, I have come to wonder if Deacons attract the stones like some kind of geomagnetic pull.  

I find that my polite inclinations hold less merit when in the presence of clear wrong. I find my voice saying words calling out outrageous acts. However, I find graciousness abounding as well.  

It is a strangely vocal place for a wallflower recluse like me.  I took a hiatus from blogging because I was concerned. However, Jesus is calling me to strengthen my resolve.  So stones, on this St. Stephen’s Day I promise to seek you out. I promise to invite you to my lord’s kingdom for a bath and a meal which will forever change you.  And Lord, I promise you that I will accept the bruises I receive along the way as evidence that I am on your path.  I will stop shrinking from this task.  I am yours wholly-owned. Thy will be done.



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