Get it all wrong 

The US is felling quite devisive today. As we bookend a week with celebration of a civil rights hero and an alt-right hero.  It is an environment where conversation is replaced by resentment and growth and understanding is replaced by calls to arms.  

No move in this environment is seen as universally independently right. A pendulum swings, and it may in fact go well beyond the boundaries of decency in proclaiming right what history and God will judge as just another vanity in a lengthy list of vanities. 

 So I suggest that instead of being of the world, we get it all wrong.  Pray in earnest despite claims this is tacit acceptance. Listen to understand despite claims that listening gives credence to bad ideas. Love as we are commanded to love.  Go ahead, get it all wrong in public perception. Live into our alien nature as citizens of the Kingdom.


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